What people say
about Freshwater Ministries

“My experience at Freshwater ministries has been one where I have felt accepted and encouraged to grow in the gift of prophecy through loving others. I have been challenged to step out in faith and prophesy even when what I am saying does not make sense to me. This has allowed me to see that the gift of prophecy operates because God is always willing to speak, and is not dependent on my own wisdom or striving. Exercising prophecy at Freshwater has allowed me to minister to others by revealing the heart of God regarding different situations.”

– Doreen

“I spent 6 weeks of FWM prophesy school feeling exhilarated, excited and totally scared. Excited because I felt like I had finally found what God had been preparing me for. Totally scared because I finally found what God had been preparing me for.

Cate’s teaching is clear and she brought new angles to the prophetic that I hadn’t heard before. Cate is extremely encouraging and patient. It was inspiring to experience the way she waits on the Lord and is obedient to Him. The teaching on how to bring a prophesy is fresh and solid as a rock.

The school is changing the way I bring a prophesy because I’ve learnt the Biblical way of speaking a prophesy. Which allows me to relax and know that it is more of what God is saying and less of my interpretation.

Attending the school, Cate taught me more about hearing the faintest whispers of God, as well as learning (and practising) a new level of trust. Trust in God, but trust in myself too.

It has cultivated a new desire to intimately know My Father and what’s on His heart for His people.”

– Corrin

“I recently attended the Prophetic School that was held by Freshwater Ministries. During this time I was blessed so much by the teaching, & during the activation’s I found that God was speaking to me in pictures. This was a real blessing to me as I have rarely heard Him in this way before.

I am looking forward to attending another School to be able to further develop in the area of the prophetic & learning to hear Him more accurately & precisely.”

– Pat

“I love prophetic ministry and have been involved in many workshops, schools and conferences over my time, but being a part of Freshwater Ministries has allowed me to more actively apply the teachings that I have learnt through the schools and mentoring nights. The teaching that comes from Cate is so refreshing, showing how the prophetic has moved throughout the Old and New Testament and how it applies to us today. I know the teaching that I have received through Freshwater Ministries has enabled me to step out in my everyday life and within the church with boldness and with confidence.”

– Pastor Deb Kelly

“Prophecy builds up the Church. Jesus has released a fresh teaching through Cate, for this, never before time, in the Church. Balanced, honourable and full of His love are some words that spring to mind.”

– Katharyn