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January 2021

I am delighted to share the following testimony – let our mouth be filled with God’s praise and His glory all the day! (Psalm 71:8)

I live in a pleasant neighbourhood in a cul-de-sac. Friendly gestures had come at times from neighbours but little communication had occurred due to them often quickly going indoors. I felt a prompting and desire to pray and bless my neighbours in my first formal LHOP (about 3 months ago).

All a manner of blessings have been pronounced over my neighbours since then, particularly for them to know God’s extraordinary love and to come into His kingdom. 

A few days ago I was sitting on the front steps talking to God about how I know He is at work but I would love to see things happening in regard to blessing the neighbours. At that moment I was watching the children playing in the street and our dog ran off so I walked down to retrieve her as a car pulled in the driveway next door. 

The lady got out of the car and we made small talk. I hadn’t had an actual conversation with her since they moved in about 2 years ago. She had not been well, so it was lovely to then ask her how she was and that I had been praying for her. She went on to tell me how her hernia operation going wrong. I asked her how she will know it’s fixed and her reply was …when I have a mouthful of food and don’t vomit!!

Well, I then asked could I pray for her. She said yes and smiled. I pronounced a blessing in Jesus name for full healing, for her body to work as it should, pain to be gone … blessing of Shalom peace over her and her husband.

She thanked me and as I left she said …I hope what you said works. My reply … it will, God is good. 

It was just a 5 minute moment in time but a God given moment of breakthrough in my neighbourhood! It was so refreshing to speak life and light into their lives.  Praise God!!

Shelby, Newcastle, NSW





September 2019

There is a very run-down house across the road from where I live. I found out that the group of young people who live there, were on drugs. They often had visits in the middle of the night, from others, buying drugs from them, or selling. 

There was a general feeling of unrest in the neighbourhood, with the local people worried about them. Handbags and wallets from the local tennis court were taken, and cars were broken into. A caravan outside another house was set alight during the night, and caused a large explosion. Old beat up cars were outside the house. 

The atmosphere was getting fearful, especially among the elderly population who lived here in this area. 

I had been walking the suburb and blessing the land and the community for 6 months. I declared that if they could not bend to Jesus, they must go. Because this was a community that God wanted to bless.

One Sunday morning, as we drove out to go to church, we passed a paddy van, who drove up the old house’s driveway and as we turned the corner, we noticed another paddy van behind the house. They were evicted that day. The old cars were towed away. 

September 2020 

The house has remained empty since the eviction. I just heard from the next door neighbour, that the land and house has been bought by a young family with 2 children. They are going to re-build and want to live here. 

Robyn F, Newcastle NSW