Lullaby to Anxiety

by Cate Lewis

Here we are!  A new time, where freedoms once enjoyed, even taken for granted, become a nostalgic recollection of memories of times past. Where disrupted plans and restricted movements are the new order of the day, our hearts and minds are jolted into a new sense of reality we did not see coming.

It would be all too easy to conclude the only perspective is an unjust act upon our humanity that seeks to fill us with fear, and wear us down until we can no longer stand securely in our self. Where pointing the finger to find fault and pass blame roles easily off the tongue as the scramble for answers reveals our insecure state of weakness and vulnerability.

Perhaps there is another view – a grace unfolding, that the enemy in all his ‘cleverness’ has overlooked and overplayed. Has he forgotten that man is made in the image of the all powerful, all knowing God? Does he remember that God has given His dearly created friends the ability to rise in adversity and display the wonders of His love, when pressed to the wall and our survival is threatened?

For love rises in the isolation. A powerful ability to display strength and determination to look beyond ourselves. We remember what comes from the depth of our core – what we are created for. How to lose our selfish tastes that feed our falsehood, and see again things important in life and humanity. 

Ah yes, to help those who’s cries are heard. To heal sickness where it hurts, and be moved by compassion to comfort those who are grieving. Patience and peace can again be found, as we resolve to trust, and in the wait, look for the monotony of a silent room to end. In all this there is one who cries out to His created. He beckons us to come closer to hear the whisper of wisdom saying the journey is surely forward and the pathway will become clear. 

Indeed it is a new day for all who would recognise the call of the Life Giver.  As the veil lifts, eyes will see through the tears of fear and uncertainty.  For the way of love is conquering and victorious.  There is beauty in the fight, messy and confronting, until it is complete in its purpose. For what drought is without a cry for provision? What fire is without refinement? What flood is without cleansing? What virus is without the need for resilience?

Yet, without retreat or escape, there is a forging of the new, requiring purity and grace. There is no use for nostalgic contemplation of the past. Progression requires a reset of mind and a new perspective for the unknown to take shape. 

Grace is now displayed in the moments of opportunity to reach beyond ourselves.  Take heart in the quiet, for truth and wisdom comes from the gentle whisper of the Father’s loving voice. It brings a joy of the new dawn and acceptance of things to come. 

Come peace come, you are a settler of our hearts. You disrupt fear to become a treasure that entwines with hope. A carriage of soundness and security, soothing us in the steady ride along the road of tomorrow. Hope is not lost but embraced, as a new strength arises. It’s the time to be empowered by the energy of heaven as the unfolding era becomes the new normal of today.