Cate Lewis demystifies the prophetic and encourages believers to tap into their prophetic calling. She presents the Prophetic school from a Biblical basis and recognises the need for healthy relationship between the prophetic and church leadership. Cate makes the prophetic simple, and attainable, and helps those already using their gifts to sharpen their skills.

Pastor’s Mark and Ally Edwards,
Hunter Christian Church, Newcastle

We have known Cate and Greg Lewis for around four years after we joined Hunter
Christian Church.

Cate has a desire to teach and encourage people to seek and use the gift of prophecy, feeling it was neglected in many Churches.

God has been opening doors for Cate in Churches across our State and wider and is taking part in Conferences in Australia. We have seen Cate operate in her prophetic gift as she leads workshops and trains teams in the local church, equipping them in a way that is encouraging and teaches them to use this gift in their every day life and as a tool for evangelism.

Cate and Greg have accompanied us in ministry on a couple of occasions where it is evident that Greg, with his warm gift of encouragement and prophetic gift, with a hint of humour, along with Cate’s teaching, combine together to bring a great team where there is power in seeing and hearing a married couple united in the desire to impact the Church with the message of the Kingdom.

Rev Dan & Sue Armstrong,
Kairos Ministries

Cate Lewis is an anointed prophetic Minister. She ministers effectively in the prohetic with accurate words that have blessed and strengthened many people. Cate teaches with Holy Spirit revelation and serves in her local church faithfully when she is not out ministering to others. Cate has launched Freshwater Ministries that provides input and training for those who wish to grow in their prophetic gifting and I recommend her to all who desire a greater ability to hear God’s Voice and step out in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Faylene Sparkes,
A Company of Seers Australia

I’ve known Cate Lewis for around 5 years and have seen the strength of her prophetic insight, and her skill and wisdom in the implementation of her gift. She has spoken around Australia, teaching Christians how to step into their own prophetic call. She has been well received in the United Kingdom also, and the integrity with which she operates prophetically is so encouraging. Cate does not rely on the dramatic in order to establish the veracity of her gifting. She operates with a genuine and authentic concern for equipping the Church for the work of the ministry. Her prophetic schools are well attended and the way in which delegates are taught and given confidence is really encouraging to see.

Bev Murrill,
Kyria, Australia